fuck I’m so fucking nervous omg

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put on your war paint


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Apologize for the shitty graphic 
best urls
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must get at least 50 notes or this never happened
Ends monday, August 25th


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All Time Low lyric parallels from “Holly(would you turn me on?) and Too Much.

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new addition to my wall 🐦

sometimes i doodle fall out boy when im sad


imaginedawson’s All Time Low August challenge (x) - day 4: Best trait about Rian

His positivity, how happy he always is, his love for Cassade, he’s really kind and sweet in person, his drumming skills, and his smile ofcourse

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Anonymous Asked:
How much did you donate to the ALS research cause?

My Answer:

as far as I know, you do the ice bucket challenge instead of donating. I really wish I could donate, but money has been tight around our house recently. I know that the donations have gone up by over 100% for the charity, which is amazing!!!! it’s a great cause and the challenge is a great way to inform people of it! c:

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I did the ice bucket thing just so you know c: yay you can hear my voice wow it sounds dumb



  • January - do you rather warm or cold weather?
  • February - give one fact/detail about your crush
  • March - favorite color?
  • April - what religion are you?
  • May - what is your eye color and hair color?
  • June - what is the best thing you’ve ever experienced?
  • July -…


All Time Low // my edits

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